Victorian delights

I may have mentioned my love for Victorian Theatre bills and posters so I was very happy to pick up a copy of Victorian Delights by Robert Wood 1967 (now out of print) for only £4. I do love a bargain ;D 
The book in in no way about typography but about Victorian Life explored through a wonderful collection of handbills and posters from the collection of John Proctor, printer of Hartlepool. Robert Wood, a well known West Hartlepool, historian, has preserved over 40,000 examples of early printing ephemera from John Procter's printing firm which is now held by Hartlepool Museum, more information is available here.
Example above are just a very small selection I've uploaded to flickr, the book is not only a very interesting read but contains page after page of typography eye candy with the main emphasis placed on the images. Lots more images in my Flickr collection here. The top pic is a crazy wood face I've not seen before and I'm not sure of what classification it would fall in, maybe Gothic Tuscan? Do leave a comment if you know the answer...
A recommended buy if you can find a copy plus I've only photographed about half the pages!

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