Let’s Press

Let's Press from Strawberry Militia on Vimeo.
Strawberry Militia and Graphic Fury presents in association with the University of the Arts London ‘Let’s Press’ a film about letter press.
via simon goode


  1. thanks for sharing, Jax. That was my treat for the day :)

  2. Anonymous3.3.11

    Love the film, especially the 'You're not in photoshop now' sign on the door. Horrified by the jumbled mass of woodtype in the type cabinet though !

  3. There's nothing like a film about letterpress to light a spark in our soul :)
    As for the messy drawer, that's students for you!

  4. Anonymous9.3.11

    Great to see a workshop in active use, but what strikes me is the image of letterpress as something underground and rebellious — names like militia and fury; the strutting, agressive music. For me the appeal is that it's slow and thoughtful. It depends where you're coming from, I suppose.


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