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My mentor John has recently saved the contents of a print shop from going into the melting pot along with some Type cabinets and sloping tops (pictured), various cases, lead cutter, cornerstone and resalite furniture and quoins. These are soon to be listed on eBay but if anyone is interested in getting in there first then you can email me and I will pass on your details. Please note these items are to be picked up only from Blackburn Lancashire Jct 3 M65, not posted.
All the type has been cleaned and sorted into smaller manageable founts and I can guarantee you won't get any worn or mismatched type, please see list below if your interested...

72pt  -   Gill Bold Titling
72pt  -   Gill Ex.Bold Con.Titling
60pt  -   Rockwell Shadow
60pt  -   Times Roman
48pt  -   Gill Bold Titling
48pt  -   Trafton Script
48pt  -   Times Bold
48pt  -   Gill Ex.Bold Cond.Titling
48pt  -   Perpetua Titling
48pt  -   Gill Bold Condensed
42pt  -   Phosphor
42pt  -   Palace Script
36pt  -   Mercury Bold
36pt  -   Phosphor
36pt  -   Rockwell Shadow
36pt  -   Mercury
36pt  -   Optima
36pt  -   Gill Ex.Bold
30pt  -   Times Roman
(no uppercase X).
30pt  -    Imprint (slight G  damage).
30pt  -   Harlequin Script
30pt  -   Rockwell Shadow
30pt  -   Trafton Script
24pt  -   Mercury
24pt  -   Gill Ex.Bold
18pt  -   Broadway
18pt  -   Modernistic
18pt  -   Rockwell Shadow
18pt  -   Times Bold
18pt  -   Optima
18pt  -   Univers Ex.Bold
14pt  -   Times Roman
10pt  -   Times Bold



    1. I'll be wanting some founts soon I think....didn't get chance to look on Sunday!! Might take a cabinet off his hands too :) and he suggested using the drawers to display my jewellery too :)

      He showed me his old beauty in the corner - how amazing?!

    2. Anonymous10.8.10

      Hi, I've just found your blog and think it's fantastic. I've been google searching for two weeks to find any information about letterpress-ing in the UK. You're site is just what I've been looking for - it looks great, your work is fantastic and it has helpful hints and links for a n00b like me who keen to learn. I'm looking forward to going through all your old posts and geeking out with all the printing information. Thanks and keep it up!

    3. thanks votumalbum :) some more posts soon when I get the chance!

    4. Hi,

      We are trying to source some type cabinets. We have plenty of drawers, but have struggled to find storage. If anyone knows of any cabinets/type storage for sale within 75 miles of Shrewsbury, we'd greatly appreciate some information - Cash and van waiting! info@artcadia.co.uk or 01939 210 393.

      Vici and Richard Kohring

    5. @Vici-Jane

      Just a thought, but have you asked a cabinet maker or carpenter for a quote on building you one? I have no idea if it'll be cheaper, but it's not a complicated bit of woodwork ;-)

    6. Do you still have this?

    7. Sorry the type has all gone now


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