Just added another supplier of letterpress ink in the UK to my Suppliers List (on the right hand side) http://www.greatart.co.uk/ who stock a German range of letterpress inks called GERSTAECKER which is a traditional oil based relief ink. Good range of colours in tins or tubes, they don't do the basic CYMK but if you got the COOL YELLOW, MAGENTA, COBALT BLUE, COOL BLACK, OPAQUE WHITE & TRANSPARENT EXTENDER that would be a good starting point for mixing colours. Developed for all types of relief printing it also suitable for Letterpress and polymer plates!
They also sell some water based lino printing inks that are interesting, one is a pearlescent and the other a transparent gloss, add a bit of sparkle to your Christmas cards or some SPOT UV to your artwork! I would imagine these would dry very fast so maybe hand inking your forme would be better.


  1. Anonymous18.8.10


    Just love your blog - its so helpful and informative and I love your work. I'm just starting out with a small adana and trying to learn what I can - you've helped a great deal! I dont have much to show yet but hope to add a lot more over autumn.

  2. thank you Veronica ;) glad to be of some help

  3. Hi Jacqui,

    Your blog looks great and very informative! However, we're searching for something that I don't see mentioned and thought it might be worth asking you, incase you have some useful tips.

    We're a small letterpress workshop in Estonia and we're looking for replacement fine-haired washout brushes for photopolymer platemaking by hand. Boxcar press sell one which seems ideal (here it is), but we're looking for a supplier in Europe, closer to home, to try and make costs and shipping more comfortable. Do you by any chance know of some place that might sell such brushes?

    We're also looking for mounting rubber - if you have any information on that one, it'd also be very much appreciated!

    Many thanks in advance,
    Tallinna Paberikodu

  4. I don't make my own plates but get mine from http://lymebaypress.com/ they sell supplies so might be worth asking them. Mounting rubber do you mean lino? I just mount mine on mdf and then back up to type high with board, everyone I know does it ;) hope that helps


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