ADANA QFB - Quarto Flat Bed

I spotted this on eBay and just couldn't resist even though it's not a looker! It's an earlier model of the Adana QH. You can see more pics here on my flickr
After reading through John Ryder's Printing for Pleasure in which he talks about this machine I really fancied one, never thought I'd find one!! I should be able to print up to A4 size now with my wood letters and hopefully some lino cuts (when I get the time).
I have a mentor John who's a retired compositor who's helping me with my presses so I took my Kelsey and the Adana over for him to take a look at, the Kelsey's working like a dream and I was doing everything right but it took us a while to get a good impression on the Adana. We tried all the packing techniques it said in the manual, make ready, everything but just got inconsistent results until John came up with the idea of using some spongy old litho blanket and then an off cut of some vinyl cushion flooring (with the spongy side facing the type) which worked even better!
I printed this card for my friend (who by the way looks fabulous and not a day over 30) and I did a few extra to try in my shop when I finally decide on my name!
The manual for this press is available on Briar Press


  1. Anonymous10.9.09

    I almost bid for that press on eBay myself ! Glad its gone to a good home.

  2. Thanks Ian :) its a pity we don't live closer to each other and then you could have borrowed it! Will be adding your link soon, are you on flickr?

  3. THats a fantastic impression Jax!!
    Far better than what we were getting that night at Johns.

    Im well jealous!!

  4. What a cool press! I'll watch ebay germany if there's something similar. Would love to print A4... ha ha. And your print is awesome!

  5. Danke! It was a bargain on eBay at £40, one went on eBay this week for £155!! So I was really lucky :) Once you get bitten by the letterpress bug you just want a bigger press :) then a bigger studio/house!

  6. I just wanted to say thanks for your blog - it's helping to get me started.

  7. Hello Mr Coffee :) I wondered why the wonderful Mrs Coffee was following my blog! Now it all makes sense, thank you for the wonderful comment I'm so happy that I can help :)

  8. Hello jax ... does this mean that the Swiss packing technique you posted on earlier wasn't working well either? I have just received mine from Happy Dragon ...


  9. Hi Karin, the swiss packing works great, still use it on my Kelsey and Adana 5x8s but don't use it on the Adana flat bed as I only print with wood type on this press. let us know how you get on any probs email me. What sort of press are you using?

  10. oh, great - I have an 8x5 so that is reassuring. Still assembling all the bits I need to get started but I will definitely drop by if I have any problems, thanks.

  11. Thank you for the vinyl flooring idea for packing. I recently bought an Adana flatbed quarto press, and have been puzzling over how to get a really good lino cut image.


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