Anna Fewster

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Acquired an Adana 8x5 and feel you don't know where to start, well take a little inspiration from Anna Fewster who runs Lampyridae Press.
Anna has created some beautiful work on her trusty Adana from Bloomsbury inspired note cards and bookplates to poetry broadsides using traditional methods of hand set metal type and linoleum cuts. Her work has even appeared in American Vogue, you can find out more about Anna on her website www.annafewster.co.uk or visit her blog Lampyridae Press for the latest updates.
Happy printing!


  1. Jax! What a lovely surprise to come across this! Thank you - you're ever so kind. x

  2. Your welcome, looking forward to seeing more ;D

  3. Anonymous13.4.11

    Totally agree Jax. I think Annas work is really inspiring. I have a copy of one of Annas handmade books, and it has been a source of inspiration for me to have a go at creating my own.


  4. Looking forward to seeing your book Ian, one day might get round to one of my own (in wood type of course ;)


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