Christmas Card Swop from the Print Monkey Press

I have had a week from hell with two deadlines this week for my BA, my hard drive packed up and lost some work so I had to do it all again and the paper I ordered next day delivery has been messed up, and will get here too late. Just to top it off my printer packed in, so I've had to quickly go and by another as I've another deadline on Monday! Groan...

But there was a wonderful surprise through the letterbox to cheer me up :)

A lovely letterpress Christmas cards wishing me an Inky Christmas from The Print Monkey Press which are now for sale on his FOLKSY SHOP

A reduction linoprint of a church window which you can read about here

and this wonderful inspiration film about Amos Paul Kennedy Jr who gave up his career at 40ish to become a letterpress printer... I go to bed and dream :)

I don't know where The Print Monkey got it from but THANKYOU! - you'll have to visit his new website THE PRINT MONKEY PRESS and ask him, I recommend it for any letterpress enthusiast. Thank you Ian you really brightened my week :)


  1. Sorry to hear about your week from hell, but at least things can only get better ;)

    The stuff from The Print Monkey looks fab!

  2. It did get better ;) todays deadline got a high 1st - it was worth the sleepless nights and trauma x

  3. Hey Jax!!
    Nice prints aren't they!!

    I never got a DVD though!! haha. Ah well, I will hunt it down.

    I shipped my Cards out on Saturday so you should have them by now..........if not, there will be some red asses kicked!!


  4. They have arrived Karl - just need to take some pics and blog! We can see if John wants a night in with some popcorn and watch a movie Ha Ha! Jax x

  5. Goto www.proceedandbebold.com for info aout dvd


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