Thankyou to everyone who has bought my prints, just had my first sale on Etsy yesterday and sold 9 on Folksy, which is wonderful news IN A WEEK but now means I had better get my cards done and in the shop!

I have started another blog for my shop PRINT for LOVE of WOOD so I can post non-letterpress related posts and also other design inspired things I do, talking of which, my Penguins are in Liverpool find out more here! I'll keep posting here on Letterpress in the UK on letterpress related topics... happy printing everyone...


  1. mg love the penguins Jax - nice one x

  2. Those penguins are cute! J x

  3. Very interested in Letterpress and was 'googling' for courses when I came across your lovely blog.
    Ever so weird though seeing your drawings for the Penguins as I saw them all actually being painted! I was involved in the project and painted two myself with my colleague...great launch party!

  4. Hi Kaz, yes it was a great party a great project! would love to know which Penguins you painted, alot of hard and amazing work went into all the penguins. If you hear of any courses in the north let me know. The Incline Press in Oldham use to offer one to one courses, if you don't live so far from me I can arrange a introduction session if that's any help :)


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