Lyme Bay Press have started to produce type high letterpress printing blocks using deep relief KF152 Photopolymer plates alongside plates currently available and will enable many printers, who still use hand set type to incorporate imagery and non standard fonts into their own designs.
After much research they have sourced a water/chemical resistant MDF board which they have produced to the correct height to enable them to mount our standard deep relief KF152 plates. Designed to come up to 0.918”, type high, they will drop straight into your chase and you will be ready to begin printing.
There are perfect for someone who has just bought a small press Like an Adana or Excelsior 5x8 and are getting to grips with printing or don't possess a Lyme bay Chase Base
For more information about ordering and prices visit: lymebaypress.co.uk/type-high-blocks


Pressing on

A documentary about the survival of letterpress and the remarkable printers who preserve the history and knowledge of the craft.

Why has letterpress printing survived? Pressing On is a documentary examining the relevance of a physical process that is anything but modern! We have faster, cheaper methods to print things now – so why has this endured?

As the individuals who have kept letterpress alive are aging quickly, irreplaceable knowledge and techniques stand in danger of being lost forever. However, there is hope! A dedicated faction of young printers, designers, and hobbyists are on a quest to preserve letterpress.

With traditional tools and processes, they push the boundaries of contemporary creativity while sustaining the historic knowledge of the craft. Pressing On will explore the historic culture, the close community, and the remarkable craftsmen who are making letterpress thrive.

To read all about and pledge go to Kickstarter, they're just over half way there!


Letterpress Apprenticeship at Leicester Print Workshop

As part of its focus on letterpress, Leicester Print Workshop is offering a post-graduate level Letterpress Apprenticeship.

The selected candidate will access high quality teaching and support from our expert typesetter and printmaker, Sat Kalsi and join our community of artists. Through regular attendance at our studio, the apprentice will have the opportunity to learn, practice, experiment and create to gain substantial knowledge and technical proficiency.
This is a 12 month unpaid apprenticeship opportunity, to begin in
January 2014. More information and application details here
Deadline for Applications: 9am on Tuesday 27 August 2013.


Call for applications for the Sheffield Print Fair, deadline 30th August 2013
for more information visit


more information can be found here


Pearl No. 3 Press for sale SOLD

A friend is sadly having to part with his Peerless printing press. This is a great little press, nice and compact in size so if your short on space it's an ideal press for the letterpress enthusiasts wanting to start out or upgrade from an Adana. Chase size 11"x7", easy to maintain and complete with new rollers and original feed boards. Obviously if you are new to letterpress I thoroughly recommend you get some instruction first!
I upgraded to a Peerless and loved it, I miss treadling away!
For more information contact Simon Goode here


Hurray now in the UK!

For those of you familiar with the Boxcar Base in USA you'll be pleased to know that an equivalent system called the Chase Base is now available in the UK and Europe from Lyme Bay Press. Also if you already have a Deep Relief Boxcar Base they also supply KF 1.52mm polymer plates you've be longing for!

“Manufactured from high quality aluminium & ground flat by precision engineers, anodised matt black then laser etched, this is the ultimate photopolymer plate mounting system.
The white relief exposes the details of the high contrast registration grid for a long lasting surface resistant to press chemicals, allowing easy plate mounting year after year. The 10mm grid is easily visible through all foil backed polymer plates allowing small adjustments after mounting for easy alignment. The hard anodise coating is durable & easy to keep clean.
Our plates come with a sticky mounting membrane already applied & specially designed to give high tack to the polymer plate side & low tack to the Chase Base side for easy repositioning & easy plate removal after printing.
Simply replace the plastic carrier sheet on the sticky surface & store your plate in a ziplock bag to use again time after time. If the membrane gets dirty or spoiled, additional sheets can be purchased economically from our store.”LBP
Full support will be offered in getting you up and printing using the base plus there will be a forum on the website too soon. They also stock Vanson ink plus plenty of new developments in the pipeline.
I recommend contacting LBP to check which base is more suited to your press, they are a friendly bunch and will happily go though all the technicalities.

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