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I was honoured to be included in Jens’s mailing list of his recent Christmas work ‘a play with V’ featuring the use of some intricate formes of locked type on the cover and pages. Above is the forme for just one of my favourites, the house of cards, using brass rule and Victory 
You can see more pictures on Bogtrykkeren’s Flickr photos HERE
Are you inspire to have a play?
There are no rules start simple like this one here or go crazy like this one here and this one or this get more technical. If you are new to letterpress just follow the tip below and HAVE FUN!

When you tighten your quoins, tighten each one a little a time starting with the outside ones first (if using more than 2 quoins) and working in, alternating between each one. Don't just tighten one quoin up as tight as you can before moving to another and don't over tighten or you might find your forme lifting and springing outwards. To test wether your forme is locked up tight enough, gently lift your chase a LITTLE, if there's one little bit just not holding, loosen your quoins and add a metal thin or card, tighten your quoins again, repeat until it holds.

The really crazy ones are best done a flat bed press (less chance of things dropping out) but it still works on a platen. More inspiration in the group pool Letterpress Forme on Flickr

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