Was a little too busy to do any Christmas cards this year and join in the Flickr swap but a BIG thank you for these inky friends for sending me some lovely snail mail...
A lovely surprise from Lunada Bay Letterpress featuring an electrotype border and hand set type beautifully printed on dampened BFK Rives tan, which is available in the UK from various supplies listed on the right.
Handwritten and letterpress postcard (beautiful writing ;) from Lou Lou Loves Books who's gone to India teaching printmaking and bookbinding skills for a charity, what an exciting adventure, you can read more about it here. Lovely Caribou linocut from Alison at Handprinted by A. Deegan.
Hand set wood type from The Printmonkey Press and vintage hand set metal type from Hi-Artz
Hand set wood type and metal ornaments from flowers & fleurons printed on craneslettra.
Hears to lots of ink and print in 2011


  1. beautiful! love the first one :)

  2. i just found your page and love it!
    great works!

  3. Anonymous15.1.11

    Love the one by Printmonkey - such raw talent ! ;-)

  4. Fellow mum of three boys (and a girl!), and adore letterpress so excited to find your blog and see there is so much available in the UK, I have so far found most in the States, particularly New York, so this is good news!


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