LINOCUT by A Deegen

My recent purchase off Folksy "Spiral Rabbit in Black" from Handprinted by A. Deegan
Beautifully printed on to Hahnemuhle Printing Paper, I just couldn't resist!
You can read what inspires Alison here on her blog


  1. I've just bought that print too! I haven't picked it up from the post office yet, but can't wait to get it- it looks so gorgeous.

  2. Hi Helen - you won't be disappointed :)
    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Lino seems to me to be a bit like the harmonica, people often do lino as kids and they view it through their memories of it as a kid. They never realise the quality and craftsmanship that can be achieved by adults with skills. It's a beautiful and underrated medium as shown by the work on this page.

  4. Well said Adam! I also find linocutting therapeutic, was much too impatient as a kid!


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