Messing around!

I just love the POINTING FINGER, PRINTERS FIST or for the correct terminology MANICULES so just resist printing some A6 note cards while messing about and mixing inks. I've haven't got a Pantone Guide at the moment so it's just a case playing around and getting very dirty, should have taken a picture of myself I was covered in ink! Mixing Van Son Rubber based inks in large amounts isn't as easy as I thought but managed to get a nice duck egg blue (my favourite colour!) which printed nice on some recycled Hairy Manilla but was too dark on some Fabriano Rospina. I'm hoping to sell my letterpress wares but need a name for myself which is driving me crazy!


  1. Ooo, love that colour! J x

  2. If they made chocolate in duck egg blue I'd be in heaven!! x

  3. I am very jealous of your 'Manicule'. I really want one. were did you get it?
    I have just started printing again after a bit of an absence!! Have a look on my page J. Kx

  4. from our good friend John! I could spend all day, no weeks, routing in his workshop, full of gems!!


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