Are you making a good impression!

I've been having a good read through the archives of Poppy Letterpress's blog who started out on an Adana 5x8 back in 2007 in Aussie, god we are so far behind in the UK! Everyone who started off then on a small press has moved up to bigger platen press which was making me feel a little apprehensive about my 5x8 :( Poppy lasted 3 months before she moved onto a new press but she printed her wedding invites (above) on the Adana, I'll be happy when I manage to get the same results on mine ;) Anyway it's worth reading her first 3 months, if your a newbie like me, as she records all her ups and downs of the early days of beginner at letterpress!
My printing has been put on the back burner for a week or so as I've been roped into making all the scenery for youngest son's model railway layout, for his 4th birthday, daddy's idea! Hmmm just who is this present meant to be for... my other half has turned into a big kid with a new toy :)

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  1. I started with an Adana as well, even printed my own wedding invites with it. I have since moved to a bigger table top but am not quite ready to let the Adana go. It's a great press.


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