Hurray now in the UK!

For those of you familiar with the Boxcar Base in USA you'll be pleased to know that an equivalent system called the Chase Base is now available in the UK and Europe from Lyme Bay Press. Also if you already have a Deep Relief Boxcar Base they also supply KF 1.52mm polymer plates you've be longing for!

“Manufactured from high quality aluminium & ground flat by precision engineers, anodised matt black then laser etched, this is the ultimate photopolymer plate mounting system.
The white relief exposes the details of the high contrast registration grid for a long lasting surface resistant to press chemicals, allowing easy plate mounting year after year. The 10mm grid is easily visible through all foil backed polymer plates allowing small adjustments after mounting for easy alignment. The hard anodise coating is durable & easy to keep clean.
Our plates come with a sticky mounting membrane already applied & specially designed to give high tack to the polymer plate side & low tack to the Chase Base side for easy repositioning & easy plate removal after printing.
Simply replace the plastic carrier sheet on the sticky surface & store your plate in a ziplock bag to use again time after time. If the membrane gets dirty or spoiled, additional sheets can be purchased economically from our store.”LBP
Full support will be offered in getting you up and printing using the base plus there will be a forum on the website too soon. They also stock Vanson ink plus plenty of new developments in the pipeline.
I recommend contacting LBP to check which base is more suited to your press, they are a friendly bunch and will happily go though all the technicalities.

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  1. Hi and happy new year everyone.
    I was at the Woodroffe school in 62 so Lyme is my town.
    I'm in Barry South Wales now with a small studio with two 8x5s and a press I made myself, doing mostly linocuts and wine bottle labels.But ain't things slow when you're learning stuff on your own!!
    I need to see if I can get a grip of polymer. I've got a 6x4 magnetic plate I'm using wrongly (as a platen don't laugh,the press screw shoe sticks to it,) but anyway I need to get a grip of this polymer thing as I want to reproduce my ink line drawings, and despite knowing how a photo darkroom works,got scared off by all the UV exposure and washing.
    This wimpy attitude won't do, in 2016 I want to find out
    Very best wishes to you all

    Jean-Bernard Parr (John Parr)


    Canon Hill Artspace
    CF62 7RH
    Vale of Glmorgan


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