Guts & Glory: The Commercial

The drama! Like the start of an epic movie and if your wondering what's Ram, they make beefy Amercian trucks, check out the site locked up in a chase Guts and Glory.
Love it, wouldn't find that on your telly in the UK ;o)


  1. Its an awesome commercial and yes! I love the drama in the start and the lovely music!
    Paul @ PSP Porn

  2. hmm, i remember a coupla months back, this vid was all over the net, came across it via listserver.
    well funny tho, pples reactions to it, the {olde} traditional letterpress printers went mad..! pointing out all the issues with inking, locking up, and other tech terms! hmm, i love it for the "letterpress"....!!
    but i guess it wouldnt make mr buy car parts..! {dont have a car!}


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