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This is a simple tip that you can use on any size of Letterpress, even an Adana 5x8, I use this all the time for small and even big jobs on the Farley proofing press. I don't think I've ever mentioned it before but thought beginners might find it useful.
Shown above is some type locked up (forme*) in a small chase off an Adana 5x3 which is then locked up in an even bigger chase, if you collect several of the small chases you can save your compositions that you want to keep, locked up and ready for immediate use, great for something like your business cards and they are pretty cheap to pick up too.

*A forme in letterpress printing – also known as a lockup or composition – is an arrangement of printing material and accompanying spacing material from which prints are made. The main goal of the arrangement is to keep the type and other printing material firmly in place throughout printing.


  1. that is some kind of genius!

  2. Oooh Thanks for the tip...more more more please. I'm teaching myself mostly and it's just great to see the above image with everything locked up and the sense that I am doing it kind of right!

  3. happy to help ;)

  4. Another great tip Jax!

    Hiya, I think you should be the first to check out my blog!


  5. what a great idea! thanks for sharing.

    Lisa from Berlin


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