HUGE New wood type

Just took delivery of this 26 line latin wood type, nearly 28cm in length and 57 pieces in all, don't know if are any missing yet as I need a large area to lay them all out. I've put a 5x8 chase there for comparison, it weighs a tonne :)
Apparently it's been stuck to a ceiling in Bradford and it smell awful musty but the face hasn't been touched and if full of character, but before I can print with it I'll have to clean all the glue off the back!
Anybody any idea what to use, I've tried a scraper but it's like an epoxy based resin, so maybe paint stripper will work?


  1. WOW WOW WOW! I wonder if these were from the same seller we were checking out on a well known auction site?

    We use something called Kling-Strip to strip paint, it may work, http://www.stripperspaintremovers.com/products.htm it's not cheap, but is way, way better than nitromors. No sanding or gouging necessary! You could email the kling-strip site, they were very helpful when I needed advice on leaded glass… :)

  2. wow indeed & why haven't i got this on my ceiling in bradford!!!! will you bring a bit to keighley so we can all have a drool? Alison

  3. Kev I think so :) she had loads but this was the best of the bunch and the rest was too expensive to say it had glue on the back! Thanks for the link, I'll ring them!! I've tried something similar before on an old iron fireplace, worked a treat :)

    Alison I'll bring lots of things to drool over ;o)

    Update!! all there bar a 'Q' so I won't be able to print owt for the queen ;p

  4. Lovely font, nice to have that condensed on such large characters. Consider carving your own Q out of linoleum for an inexpensive way to complete the font...

  5. Thanks Yvon, That's what I thought if I ever needed one, but I'm told I might meet a guy who makes his own wood type in a couple of weeks, so i might get him to make me one :)

  6. Oh wow, GREAT! But hey, you have to cut them to fit in your Kelsey chase :))

  7. There's a great little company in Hertfordshire who strip wood in an open booth, they mainly work on doors and the like, but have also renovated old electric guitars I think, as their process is so sympathetic to the wood etc. http://www.andersonvandijk.co.uk/ - Speak to Niel.

  8. Do you happen to have a table saw? You could set the distance between the blade and fence to equal type high


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