Letterpress chain letter

If you own a press or even borrow one and are in the UK why not join the UK letterpress group on Flickr and post some photos of what you've been up to, it's a great way of meeting new printing friends who you can share your letterpress experiences with. Doesn't matter wether you own a Adana 5x3 or a Heidelberg, professional or just print for a hobby, we can all learn things from each other and for all you just starting a letterpress adventure you just might meet someone who lives close by who's willinng to offer a helping hand :)
Add me as a contact on Flickr and I'll send you an invite!

A letterpress chain letter's been set up if you feel like joining, (info on the Flickr group discussion) first yellow layer done by Carl followed by PrintMonkey then it was my turn, so here's my contribution, printed on my mentors Farley proofing press, and for those who don't get it when your ink goes over the edge of the paper it's called a bleed :)


  1. Great print! Like the idea, sounds fun!!! Keep on!

  2. I can't wait to see the final results, might be a while though :)


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