Storage solution

I'm so desperate for storage but as my studio is also my dining room I need it to match with the rest of the decor so I am loving this custom made furniture from schubLaden in Berlin.

found on share some candy via I'm patrycja & I love type

I have an endless supply of miss matched type drawers, an eclectic mix of handles and a husband who's a joiner by trade! Maybe the thought of me being more organised will get him to make me one :-)


  1. my gosh, those pieces are pretty darn fantastic!

  2. I know! I want to win the lottery, jump on a plane and go and buy :)

  3. This idea is genius. I've seen their showroom while walking through Kreuzberg. It is stuffed with drawers up to the ceiling. I squashed my nose against their window a loooong time ...

  4. Hey Jax- if you get the drawers together - i know a joiner who would be happy to put one of these together for you, for a price that will suit your pocket :D x

  5. Sabrina - glad I didn't see them in Berlin I might have spent all my money that I have't got :)

    Lisa - might take you up on that!


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