I have been neglecting my blogging as I'm so busy with my BA(Hons) Graphic Design work, lots of deadlines in November and December!! Help! One of my projects involves creating a Zine and I'm doing mine on Letterpress, at last I get to print ;), will post soon about it!

Anyway, since starting my blog I have met lots of new inky friends, you are in my list on the right :) and wonder if any of you fancy doing a Letterpress Christmas Card Swap, will be so nice to get lots of inky cards in the post! Letterpressed with a Smile and Printmonkey are going to join in, anyone else interested? All you need to do is email me your name and address and I'll compile a list to email everyone in the swop on the 1st December and you never know you might even get other letterpressed surprises in the post! Of course I'll blog each card I get, and hopefully everyone can do the same, if you don't want your address sent to everyone and would just like a Christmas Card from me then just let me know!
Spread the Letterpress Love x


  1. Nice idea! I want to join! Thanks for adding me to the list!!!

  2. Yeh! Your name has been added, thanks Sabrina

  3. Would love to do it, Jax, but not sure if I'll have time ;)

    J x

  4. I know the feeling :) x

  5. How long is the list? :) This is a fun idea, I would love to join, Gina dolceinvito@gmail.com


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