Bought a drawer full of this type off eBay which also contained a perpetual calendar which is huge! 72pt! but this has some dates Missing :( The type has been cast on a Monotype Supercaster, the grooves are there to save metal when casting. No idea what type face is yet but it's 48pt on a 60pt body. and complete U/L with numbers, symbols and punctuation. My posty didn't look that impressed carrying it up the garden path!


  1. Love your Kelsey! How are you getting on with the restoration?

  2. Thanks she a stunner isn't she! - been having a good look at your blog and loving your designs and linocuts! Restoration has just this moment been completed! Wheyhee! My hands and nails are black but it's worth the effort and can't wait to get printing. So exciting! Pictures will be up shortly!


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