Lyme Bay Press have started to produce type high letterpress printing blocks using deep relief KF152 Photopolymer plates alongside plates currently available and will enable many printers, who still use hand set type to incorporate imagery and non standard fonts into their own designs.
After much research they have sourced a water/chemical resistant MDF board which they have produced to the correct height to enable them to mount our standard deep relief KF152 plates. Designed to come up to 0.918”, type high, they will drop straight into your chase and you will be ready to begin printing.
There are perfect for someone who has just bought a small press Like an Adana or Excelsior 5x8 and are getting to grips with printing or don't possess a Lyme bay Chase Base
For more information about ordering and prices visit: lymebaypress.co.uk/type-high-blocks

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