Letterpress SWISS Packing

For my packing on the press I was so confused with all the info on the net and where to get it from so I decided to try Swiss Packing from Happy Dragon Press. All the info is on their website but it basically consists of a top sheet of fogged x-ray film which can be used for several jobs and a bottom sheet of second-hand litho blanket, for the in between use whatever if right for the job, 2 or 3 sheets of hard (eg tracing paper) for metal or soft (eg. newspaper, blotting) for wood, nylo or lino cuts. The packing is designed to resist wear on your type and press!
My packing arrived accompanied by a lovely letterpressed newsletter and list of display faces they have for loan, plus some notes for using my packing. They are really helpful and if your having any problems they'll be happy to give you some advice.
I've done some experimenting which I'll post shortly and anybody out there tried any other packing techniques let me know how it's going and what you use!
You'll notice (TOP PIC) on my Kelsey I have 2 bails on my Platen to hold my packing in place which is really easy, on the Adana it seams a lot more fiddly!

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