Caligo Safe Wash RELIEF INKS

Thanks to Hannah at KUTUU for the link to these inks that I'd never heard of , no need for white spririts or press wash, ink just cleans away with liquid handsoap and water. Theyre oil based and behave like traditional oil based ink and are available in a great range of colours transparent, semi opaque and opaque but also sell the basic CYMK for mixing your own which are transparent so you can over print layers of these inks to create new colours where the transparent coloured layers overlap. The only thing that worries me is cleaning wooden type with water, but great for linocuts and polymer plates but any worries email them and the'll resolve your questions. All the info on this product is here

You can buy online from Lawrence's and Intaglio Printmakers these links will take you the right page.


  1. Sound interesting! Thanks for the info...

  2. Anonymous15.9.09

    How are you getting on with these inks ? I was put off using water to clean down my Adanas rubber-based rollers and my wood type. Are you using water to clean these items. I could always continue to clean these items with White Spirit.

    Caligo are the only company I have found so far who produce the proper CMY process colours, and I'd like to try these out especially as they are transparent.

  3. Sorry Ian, I didn't didn't go for these inks for the same reason, washing my beloved woodtype with soap & water! I'll email Hannah at KUTUU as she bought some and see how's she getting on! On the Caligo product info sheet
    it does say for use on woodcuts - so maybe it might be OK?
    I use VanSon Rubber Based inks (bagged another bargain on ebay!
    I like these inks as you can leave on the rollers for hours, go off pick the kids up, make tea, go to bed then print the next day!

  4. hi Jax - I just became aware of these inks and found them intriguing. But I see here you abandoned the idea of them. Know anyone who has had some success with Caligo inks?

  5. Tanya - Sorry no one, Kutuu disappeared, never heard from her again. Iv'e thought of just buying the CYMK but I keep spending my money on wood type :)

  6. I bought the full CMYK set of these inks. I've used them for overprinting woodcuts with acceptable results. However, I tried using the black for some wedding invites (a mix of fine strokes, 8pt & 10pt serif type) and got absolutely dreadful results.

    I cleaned down my press, inked up with some good old fashioned litho ink and without altering anything else got the superb results I aim for.

    I'll probably keep the Caligo ink for messing around with but I certainly will not be using it for any important jobs.

  7. Thanks Jono for sharing your results - useful info!
    Might be good for lino and wood type then if a less then perfect finish is required ;)


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